Who We Are

Now that the solar energy industry is booming upwards, many companies are now jumping on the band-wagon. However, keep in mind, what most companies that are starting out lack is a strong, foundational, experience in this field. We have just that! Our professional team has been working with this industry for 20+ years!

Our History

Sun Up Electric is a company deeply rooted in professional integrity, uncompromised quality, and customer satisfaction. Sun Up Electric was founded by a team with real solar industry experience. The solar industry is an up and coming market causing an influx of companies with no real experience trying to get a piece of the pie. As a company in this competitive market, we set ourselves apart by developing trust and providing assurance that our customers will receive the right solar system for their home and business. The trust is built on quality products and on the quality workmanship derived from a combined 20 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry.

Our Mission

Here at Sun Up Electric we want our customers to have a peace of mind in the quality of the product and reassurance that our solar production is top tier, from the panels on the roof to the installers, making a dream into reality. The honest approach that we take to a developing industry allows us to have confidence that we will leave a positive impact on the solar community and our customers.